A House of Brands
for Housewares
across America
Hemisphere Trading of NY is a house of brands that’s becoming a household name, by specializing in the Americanization of imported houseware products and providing a personal touch
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Hemisphere is on a mission to turn the traditional import-export paradigm
on its head and lead the Houseware industry on national and global scales.

Our deep and lasting relationships – genuine partnerships with our brands – and our
people-first philosophy, ensure that our customers get the high-quality houseware
products they seek, at a price they can afford – and with a smile

Our Lines
Hemisphere’s deep knowledge and understanding of the various segments within the American market and their needs enables us
to provide a selection of product lines that are aligned with the company’s core values – people-first, top-quality, sustainability,
transparency, accessibility, and reliability – and are adapted to meet our customers’ demands
We partner with award-winning international glass production companies to bring high-quality specialized products that include drinkware, stemware, cookware, and much more, to tabletops across the US
Our plastics brand partners enable us to offer a wide variety of plastic products for home use: storage and organization containers, baskets, kitchenware, laundry, and much more
Our colorful line of cleaning products proves that function and fashion can co-exist: eco-friendly and efficient brooms, mops and accessories for homes and businesses
We present an outdoor garden line that offers indoor/outdoor planters, furniture, and gardening accessories, in fun, decorative colors and designs
We bring sturdy yet stunning wooden furniture, storage solutions, kitchenware and other products from our global brand partners to American homes, after adapting them to fit local needs
From earthenware and porcelain, to stoneware, our pottery line provides aesthetic and functional benefits to tabletops, display cases, gardens, & other household areas
Our Brands
Hemisphere partners with housewares products brands from around the world to bring high-quality tabletop, storage, outdoor, and other items to American homes, efficiently, reliably and affordably
About Hemisphere
Established over 15 years ago by Fabio Novick, Hemisphere Trading of NY imports a wide variety of houseware items for the US national market, to close the gap between high- and low-end products, offering quality yet affordable products.

Understanding the sheer size and diversity that makes up the United States of America, the Hemisphere team consistently endeavors to address the needs of both buyers and brands, serving as a “house of brands'' that supports the sale of products from around the world, by adapting their design for maximum local appeal and providing unmatched services. Focusing on a variety of stores and small chain accounts, as well as scaling to more large retail partners across the US, Hemisphere is well on its way to leading the US houseware products market
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